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7 ways your workplace can benefit from optimization


7 ways your workplace can benefit from optimization

Workplace technologies are becoming the norm at lightning speed. Businesses everywhere are trying their hand at automation in hopes of performing at optimal efficiency. Here are seven possible ways technology can help innovate your workplace.

1. You'll save your workers from the dreaded burnout
Burnout has quickly become one of the leading causes of employee turnover. According to a study conducted by The Hartford, as many as 61% of American workers are experiencing burnout. You can make your employees happier by investing in technologies that automate some of their more tedious, mundane or strenuous tasks. With a little extra weight off their shoulders, employees can feel refreshed while working on other duties. This helps boost retention while making everyone happy. It's a win-win scenario.

2. Happier employees may put off retirement
Many industries are dreading the day their aging employees finally retire. As experienced workers, they possess an institutional knowledge that younger employees have yet to obtain. Automation can buy your company time to transfer knowledge from your budding retirees to the next generation of employees. Technologies, particularly those that perform physical tasks, may persuade aging workers to stay a few extra years on the job.

3. You can boost productivity
The purpose of optimization, of course, is to operate more efficiently. Many technologies, like robotic forklifts, management software or digital inventory systems, are streamlining workflows. You can schedule shifts, orders or deliveries, communicate with employees, assign work or even view a real-time performance analysis.

4 Collecting data means you can learn, adapt and improve
As mentioned, many new workplace technologies are innovating the way businesses audit themselves. Like never before, managers can obtain analytics, understand their inefficiencies and plan improvements.

5. Simpler two-way communication between staff and management
It isn't always easy for management to talk to their employees. Sometimes, the communication barrier can make workers feel disengaged, misunderstood or unappreciated. With an employee portal, for example, that communication process is stripped down and simplified. Not only can workers contact managers directly and discuss concerns, but congratulatory announcements can be made to the workforce. Employee portals help optimize workplace communication.

6. Prototyping is made easier
Many industries are reaping the benefits of 3D printing. These specialty printers can now use many materials and create prototypes within a matter of hours. From concept to creation, 3D printing streamlines the process and puts tangible prototypes in your hands. This is especially important for manufacturing, according to Forbes. Companies can improve products at faster speeds and lower costs.

7. You can share data with employees for transparent improvement
Many management software programs now include monitoring features. These can be especially helpful in a hybrid, remote work environment, where employees need to jump from device to device without friction. By providing a broad image of what overall employee activity looks like, managers can share their data with workers to help optimize their performance. Not only can employees improve their productivity, they will also appreciate data transparency.