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5 tips to improve your hiring processes


5 tips to improve your hiring processes

As a business, your employees are your lifeblood. Sometimes, you need an injection of talent to meet your current and projected future needs, and therefore you should be doing all you can to ensure your hiring processes help you identify and attract the right job candidates when you have an open position to fill. However, any business leader will tell you this is a task far more easily said than done.

Fortunately, there are ways you can continually ensure your hiring processes are as effective as possible, including the following:

1) Write better job descriptions

First and foremost, it will truly pay off to make sure the job listings you post online are sleek and effective, according to Workable. You don't want them to be overly long, since you can't always expect people to read the whole thing, but you should aim for them to be fairly comprehensive so people know what they're actually applying for. As such, aim to create a straightforward job title and clearly define the desired qualifications. Something as simple as listing minimum experience requirements and the salary you will offer can differentiate you from your competitors.

2) Put yourself out there

It's also a good idea to cast as wide a net as possible with your job listings, using a number of different sites and social media platforms, Workable added. That way, you're getting as many eyes — and therefore as many qualified candidates — as you can. Moreover, you should be highly engaged with candidates, encouraging them to reach out via social channels with any questions they may have.

3) Stay in touch with candidates

A great way to ensure candidates are disengaged from the hiring process is to just ask them to send in their resumes; you need to do the opposite, according to Built In. Be clear about the timelines involved (shorter is better) and be prompt about sending emails indicating whether someone has moved on to the next step of the process, or is no longer being considered.

4) Get your employees involved

No one knows your organization's operations better than its current employees, so you would be wise to get their take on the final few candidates, according to Shareable. They may be able to give you insights managers would overlook, and get a better feel for how a candidate might be able to integrate into their teams if they were to be hired. Something as simple as having candidates meet with the team they would work with can go a long way toward helping you make the right decision.

5) Ask your hires what went right and wrong

Finally, it's always useful to debrief the candidate you do hire about what they liked and disliked about the process they just went through, Shareable advised. That, too, can give you a perspective you otherwise couldn't develop on your own, and could inform changes large and small that you can implement to make your next hiring process that much better next time.