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6 tips to make your office a better place to work


6 tips to make your office a better place to work

A great office space is one of the often overlooked but critically important aspects of keeping your employees happy and productive on an ongoing basis. For that reason, in much the same way you need to continually ensure your processes are "on point," it would be a good idea to examine the ways in which you can get more out of your current office space — or even start considering an upgrade.

These are some of the changes you may be able to make to ensure your workers remain happy with their work environment going forward:

1) Space it out

No one wants to feel they have people working right on top of them, so if you have the flexibility in terms of space, giving people more room — and more privacy — can be a great idea, according to Business News Daily. If this doesn't seem like it will be feasible due to your current square footage, that is a sign you need to start looking for a space upgrade.

2) Make sure you have a break room

Along similar lines, workers often dislike their workspaces if it's a situation where they have to eat lunch at their desks or take breaks in generalized areas, Business News Daily noted. Having a dedicated break room where workers can go specifically to unwind is an important part of giving people time to decompress from the stresses of a standard work day.

3) Light it up — naturally

If your office space doesn't allow for a lot of natural light, your employees might not be getting all the satisfaction they want out of the space, according to Time Doctor. Of course, in many situations, you may not be able to add it easily — with the possible exception of installing a skylight — but this is something to think about in terms of cycling people past windows throughout the day. It can make more of a difference than you think.

4) Don't let the clock rule your operations

One mistake many companies make is demanding that everyone show up for their shifts at a predetermined time, take breaks that are exactly 15 minutes and so on, Time Doctor said. When things are highly regimented like this, it adds an extra level of stress to people's days that often isn't needed. Consider loosening the reins and you may see more productivity.

5) Keep it clean

A tidy office space is a great way to communicate that you take pride in your company and truly respect the people who work for you, according to Hiveage. Something as simple as emptying every trash can every day will be a great way to quietly communicate that you value the space.

6) Give people space to get away

Finally, it can be a good idea to have "flex space" in your office so people can get up from their desks and complete work somewhere else, Hiveage recommended. Whether they need a change of scenery for a little while or just to hold a one-on-one meeting, a little extra space that can be utilized as needed can be a great addition.