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Our Value-in-Partnering or VIP program is a client specific staffing solution that manages all aspects and responsibilities of temporary employees.

Our work force management experts (Staff Performance Managers) work directly from your facility or from a nearby branch location providing complete management of your temporary workforce including order fulfillment, on boarding, coaching, payroll, and reporting. Our VIP program is designed to deliver a safer, more reliable, and more productive employee and alleviates time spent managing attendance, performance, administrative and disciplinary issues.

With our VIP program, our focus is on achieving your desired outcome results by helping you manage your workforce directly from the production floor.

Starting with square one, we use our AssessMap process to precisely identify and understand your business objectives and staffing goals. Whether you want to contain cost, reduce overtime, reduce turnover or increase the productivity of your workforce, we ensure an end goal is defined and a plan of action to achieve that desired outcome is created.

The Personnel One VIP program is contained within four structured
delivery engines:

  • Recruiting
  • Selection
  • Workforce Management
  • Measurement and Recording

What makes our program different is that we encompass all of these functions within a continuous improvement process. Whereas other providers reach a plateau of operations and stagnate, our attention to key performance indicators and client expectations and the continuous application of our 7-step continuous improvement evaluation process make us forward thinking and responsive.

Additionally, the Personnel One VIP program offers a structured delivery plan that ensures a seamless transition for both managers and employees.